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Originally posted on: Friday, April 2, 2010

I’ve been researching my hawaiian side for so long, my haole side has been sadly neglected.  My mom is from Ohio and like my dad, not much genealogy was done in her family.  A few family legends have been passed down, mainly from mom’s aunt Georgia (my grandmas sister), the family story teller.  Georgia’s father Marion, was put in a boys home at age 8, when his mother died, along with his older brother William Henry Lee.  Their younger sister Ida, was given to distant relatives.  What happened to their father Carry Lee?  Well that was the main mystery.  He was such a big mystery we nicknamed him the ‘vapor’.  Aunt Georgia insisted he was related to General Robert E. Lee.  Well, after searching and searching for years, my mom and I came up empty looking for the ‘vapor’.  This past march, I decided to give it one more shot.  I searched and searched and it was about 1 in the morning and I felt I was close to discovering where Carry was and I told myself not to quit this time and then I figured it out.  It was a record we had come across before, but disregarded because it was a 1 yr old girl named Carey, but following the same family through the census, the 1yr old girl suddenly becomes a 12 year old boy, with brothers and sisters and a mother and father.  Amazing the vapor suddenly materialized! 

Was he related to Robert E. Lee?, well, yes he was related to a Robert E. Lee, an uncle who was named Elsworth Robert Lee, who just switched his names.  I felt bad for Aunt Georgia cause her daughters always teased her about her stories.  That myth squashed, I searched to find more about my newly discovered 3rd great grandparents, William & Eliza Lee.  They came from Pennsylvania and were part of the Society of Friends of Berks Co., otherwise known as Quakers.  Ah, that explains the funny looking outfit in the one photo passed down to my great grandfather.  I looked up the Quakers at wikipedia and this group at Oley Valley (now Exeter)., is also where Daniel Boone & Abraham Lincoln have ancestors from.  And according to, William’s mother was Mary Boone.  Not only did Williams father marry a woman named Mary Boone, but his own mother was named Mary Boone.  Wow.  So a William Lee marries Mary Boone and their son also named William Lee marries a woman named Mary Boone.  Following those Mary Boones, they are indeed related to Daniel Boone as cousins.  And following other lines I came across the name Sarah Lincoln, could she be related to President Lincoln?  Yes, she was his great grandaunt. 

Wow, so from a vapor I have ancestors related to a president and american folk hero, and the Lee family going all the way back to England.  I still need to find out what happened to Carry Lee, but I’d say it was pretty productive night for staying up till 2 in the morning.

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