Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I’ve been using this iweb blog for a couple a days now and I’m wondering if it’s any better than any other blog site out there?  I haven’t even run across iweb blogs anywhere on the web.  Does anyone use them?  Any serious blogger.  I find it convenient to use it, but I could learn to use something else I’m sure......

Things I like....
-Ease of use.

Things I don’t like...
-You can’t privatize selected entries.
-You can’t disable comments on selected entries.
-Blurb does not support ‘slurping’.

The thing I hate the most though, is how it’s set up for only a passive blogger.  Meaning a new person into blogging, but who most likely will make a few entries every now and then, then get bored and forget it.  It sort of reminds me of those cd racks (before ipods).  You would buy these little rack, shelf thingys to put your cd collection and most would hold like 10 or maybe 20, or more.  Their basically made for a passive music listener who listens to the same thing over and over, but if your a real music lover, forget it, their useless.  I have over 300 cds and what about expanding your collection?  Like your gonna fill up the rack and then that’s it.  You’ll never buy music again.

I do get certain products are clearly targeted toward a specific person, but honestly I can’t say who exactly that is.  For someone like me who’s been blogging on livejournal since about 2003, you become accustomed to certain things and an introduction to blogging experience that the iweb blog has, just won’t do. 

I’ll have to figure out where I want to take my blogging experience.

iWeb FAQ-Tutorials, Tips & Tricks.

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