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Pa'u Rider-Wordless Wednesday


Leila L. Haiku-Tombstone Tuesday

Leila is my 2 cousin, once removed.  She died at a young age, and had a young daughter that I don't know what happened to her.  She's buried at the Kurtistown Filipino Cemetery, in Puna, Big Island.  As far as I know she wasn't Filipino.  The place where she died Hanamaulu, Kauai, is also where my great-great grandparents were married in 1889.
This picture was taken by Geoff Stafford, who volunteers his time and taking pictures of gravesites on the Big Island.

Coco-Paljavascript:void(0)m Lodge Waitress Killed In Kauai Crash Lihue, Kauai, March 1 (by Radiophone). - A 22 year-old waitress who spent last night her favorite way - dancing at a nightclub - was killed today when the car she was driving hit an embankment and turned over on Wilcox Road in Nawiliwili, Kauai.  Police identified the woman as Leila Haiku, of Hanamaulu, a waitress at the Coco-Palm Lodge at Wailua.  Her death leaves her daughter, Lynn, 5 an orphan.  She worked on the 5 p.m. to midnight shift.  The accident…

Personal Hawaiian Genealogy Pages.

Hawaiian genealogy sure has come along way from the days when I first started searching the web back in 1998.  There were a handful of personal sites with info on Hawaiian genealogy back then and some are still around, the same site from the nineties frozen in time.  Some are updated and some vanished never to be seen again.  Here's a list of the personal pages (now called blogs?) I have bookmarked, that are still around...

Hawaiian Genealogy-Excellent site done by Dean Kekoolani, focusing on the chiefly genealogies as recorded by High Chief and master genealogist Solomon Lehuanui Kalaniomaiheuila. The Official Website of the Royal Family of Hawaii-A beautiful looking site with information on the royal families of Hawaii. Kanaka Genealogy-Probably one of the best sites on Hawaiian Genealogy.  Lots of information such as, ali'i mahele indices, anti aneexation petitions, tutorials, maps, oral stories, links to other Hawaiian genealogy sites. Kinimaka family website.