Monday, January 24, 2011

Personal Hawaiian Genealogy Pages.

Hawaiian genealogy sure has come along way from the days when I first started searching the web back in 1998.  There were a handful of personal sites with info on Hawaiian genealogy back then and some are still around, the same site from the nineties frozen in time.  Some are updated and some vanished never to be seen again.  Here's a list of the personal pages (now called blogs?) I have bookmarked, that are still around...

Hawaiian Genealogy-Excellent site done by Dean Kekoolani, focusing on the chiefly genealogies as recorded by High Chief and master genealogist Solomon Lehuanui Kalaniomaiheuila.
The Official Website of the Royal Family of Hawaii-A beautiful looking site with information on the royal families of Hawaii.
Kanaka Genealogy-Probably one of the best sites on Hawaiian Genealogy.  Lots of information such as, ali'i mahele indices, anti aneexation petitions, tutorials, maps, oral stories, links to other Hawaiian genealogy sites. Kinimaka family website.
A Priestly Line Through the Ages-Last updated on March 31, 2007, lots of hawaiian surnames.
Banyon Tree: Genealogy of the Hawaiian Family Nahaolelua and Descendants-One of the earliest sites I ever stumbled across, this was one of the sites that was forever not updated, but now noticed she put up a new picture of herself.  
Emma's Heart: Family History of the Gasper-Kealawaiole Ohana-A family site that's been around since 2004.  
Kaauamo Ohana-Dedicated to the Kaauamo family hailing from Keanae, Maui.
Kakalia Ohana-Dedicated to the ohana of Thomas Kaiulani Kakalia Sr. from Nanakuli.
Ohana o Kaaimoku-Family site.  Looks like it was last updated in 2008.
Reeves Ohana-I like the "9 siblings" family tree.  You click on one of the 11 people to get more information.
The Cummings of Hawaii-It didn't take long for me to run across a Cummings in my own family tree.  This family is huge!
Doak Family Website-Click on "Migrations" to find the Hawaii Connection.
Hawaiian Roots-Like Kanaka Genealogy, this site is great with lots of information to help out the Hawaiian genealogist.  Started in 2001 by Christine Hitt.

Well, that's all I have bookmarked, but I have seen other's recently that for some reason, I did not save.  I do notice a thread of family genealogy sites popping up on facebook.  I myself run one called "Emma Fern's Ohana", and belong to "Hiram Ohana", "The Hawaii Hoke Ohana" and "Silva Family Tree".  Try searching a surname your researching to find if a group already exists.  

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