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A Ripe Old Age

Here's an interesting story about Kepoolele Apau, a woman, 124 years old.  She died in 1898 at the age of 127.  In some ways this story reminds me of that made for TV movie I saw as a child back in the 70's, "The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman".  Like the African-American slave, Jane Pittman recalling historical events in her 110 year life, Kepooleleapau recalls historical events in Hawaii's history.

KEPOOLELEAPAU, 124 YEARS OLD Familiar "With Earliest Events in History.  Visited Kilauea Volcano With Kaplolanl I Trained by the Missionaries.
After passing Smith street, walking on the mauka side of King, one notices a 'number of dingy, muddy alleys.  In the second one from the bridge there is a relic of the early days of the Hawaiian Islands. Walk through the alley, and when you get to the rear of the store facing King street, there is another passage way, narrower than the one which leads from King street, to a collection of old tumble down cottages occu…

J. R. Honest

I went back to Oahu Cemetery yesterday, to re-take the pictures of the Hiram graves.  I also noticed other families that I've stumbled across in my own research.  The Holts, Meresburgs, Topolinskis, Smith and Clarkes.  I noticed their all in the same area.  What they have in common are they all have ties to Kohala/Waimea of the Big Island and all seem like they came to Oahu about the same time and are part of the early prominent, hapa-haole families of Oahu.

J. R. Honest died when he was 5yrs old and we think that he might possible the 5 yr old boy mentioned in this article about the son of Moses and Lizzie Puahi, who was playing with matches and died.  Lizzie is the widow of Chas. I. Hiram who is a grave over from Honest.  But why is he Honest and not Puahi?  Seems very strange.  He could be a grandchild of Lizzie and Charles that was raised by Lizzie and Moses.  That's very common in Hawaii.  The Kelii Imakakoloa and P. Keoua are strange there.  I know that Keoua was a famou…

Who is J. R. Honest?

My great-great grandmother was adopted into the HIRAM family, or they could be related, I'm still working on that.  Most Hawaiian adoptions were done between family members, so it's quite possible.  I think all those with the Hiram last name are related, back then anyway, so I'll take pictures, if I run across any Hiram headstones.  I took this ages ago, but could never find any of these people until recently, cousin Connie found Charles Hiram and we figured out he was the brother of Solomon Hiram and Hattie Hiram.  Hattie was married to a Mr. Cummins at one time and she either kept her last name or divorced him, it's unclear, but her obit has her named, Miss Maliakamalu Kaomeamea Kahaulehale Hattie Hiram.  Her headstone reads just Hattie Hiram and in back of it has "Malie Mushburch".  I always thought that was a typo for Merseburgh, just because it's such a strange name and because there's a William Meresburgh headstone nearby and I know that William…

Emily and Amy and the sorry state of vital records in Hawaii

With all the brouhaha, about Obamas birth certificate, I was hoping that the Dept. of Health would start offering copies of the actual birth certificates, but no such luck.

The first vital record I ever ordered was back in 1999 and at that time, they gave you a certified copy of the actual record, not the computer generated ones they give today.  Novemeber 15, 2001, was the date of my 1st computer generated record, my grandparents marriage certificate, but then on Nov. 16, 2001, I got an actual copy of the original death certificate, so I wondered if it was just marriages.

The vital records I ordered after that were all originals, no marriages, until Feb. 29, 2003, when I received another computer generated copy.  Another marriage, so maybe it just applied to them?  2004, was the last actual document and I stopped and didn't order anymore, since I exhausted my ancestors by then and then ordered some on Aug. 28, 2008.  The Obama controversy had been going full swing by then, so I…