Thursday, April 14, 2011

J. R. Honest

I went back to Oahu Cemetery yesterday, to re-take the pictures of the Hiram graves.  I also noticed other families that I've stumbled across in my own research.  The Holts, Meresburgs, Topolinskis, Smith and Clarkes.  I noticed their all in the same area.  What they have in common are they all have ties to Kohala/Waimea of the Big Island and all seem like they came to Oahu about the same time and are part of the early prominent, hapa-haole families of Oahu.

J. R. Honest died when he was 5yrs old and we think that he might possible the 5 yr old boy mentioned in this article about the son of Moses and Lizzie Puahi, who was playing with matches and died.  Lizzie is the widow of Chas. I. Hiram who is a grave over from Honest.  But why is he Honest and not Puahi?  Seems very strange.  He could be a grandchild of Lizzie and Charles that was raised by Lizzie and Moses.  That's very common in Hawaii.  The Kelii Imakakoloa and P. Keoua are strange there.  I know that Keoua was a famous chief who was the father of King Kamehameha the great.  Imakakoloa was an earlier ancestor of the Hiram family, and there also was a priestly order of Imakakoloa.

J. R. Honest, Elizabeth Hiram and Charles Hiram

Kelii Imakakoloa

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