Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Who is J. R. Honest?

My great-great grandmother was adopted into the HIRAM family, or they could be related, I'm still working on that.  Most Hawaiian adoptions were done between family members, so it's quite possible.  I think all those with the Hiram last name are related, back then anyway, so I'll take pictures, if I run across any Hiram headstones.  I took this ages ago, but could never find any of these people until recently, cousin Connie found Charles Hiram and we figured out he was the brother of Solomon Hiram and Hattie Hiram.  Hattie was married to a Mr. Cummins at one time and she either kept her last name or divorced him, it's unclear, but her obit has her named, Miss Maliakamalu Kaomeamea Kahaulehale Hattie Hiram.  Her headstone reads just Hattie Hiram and in back of it has "Malie Mushburch".  I always thought that was a typo for Merseburgh, just because it's such a strange name and because there's a William Meresburgh headstone nearby and I know that William had a daughter named Maria Malie Merseberg, but she's buried in another part of the cemetery.

Hattie's daughter married Clement Cromwell, so the headstone near Hattie's that says Cromwell Cummins, makes me wonder if that's Hattie's grandchild.

What I really want to know though is, who is J. R. Honest and why is he buried in what looks like the same family plot, with Elizabeth and Charles Hiram?  It looks like he was born in 1804, so he would be an elder member of the family, if he is family and if he is, he could possibly be the originator of the Hiram name in Hawaii.  Looks like there was a picture at one time on the headstone.

J. R. Honest, Lucy Elizabeth Maukaa Hiram, Chas. I. Hiram

Hattie Hirum (Hiram)
Malie Mushburch

Cromwell Cummins, possibly Hatties grandchild.

Could be Hattie's brother Solomon, or an earlier ancestor.  

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