Friday, March 18, 2011

Aloha to all the places my child stayed

This is part of a longer article written in the Hawaiian language newspapers by Mrs. Emma K. Fern, my great-great grandmother.  Her daughter Emma Lahela, was shot and killed by her 3rd husband Lui Hookano.  This article was translated by a friend of a descendent of Lui Hookano.  This snippet deals with all the places Emma Lahela stayed in her life....

My daughter was born at Kapaia Kauai, December 4, 1895, and died on March 4, 1924, a full thirty years and three months...

Oh Kaua'i, you will never agian see Emma, never again see her in your surging waves.
Alas, my child loved traveling to this place.

Oh Maunalua, perhaps you have seen my child Emma, going to the uplands of Kamilokapu, the beloved place my child stayed with my first-born, Mr. G. Kalauohe who had first come here.

Oh esteemed Kawaihoa, you will never again see Emma, at the water's edge of Maunalua, and likewise you, Kuli'ou'ou, will never again see her traveling to the water's edge of my beloved birthplace.

Here is her mama crying at the place my child stayed with my older sisters and their husbands, Mr. and Mrs. Makea Paao and Mr. and Mrs. Mahinalau.

Wailupe, where she went to search for wisdom, aloha to the place my child lived in Wailau, where we all stayed in the cool swaying of the wind of the Ko'olau.  There she grasped the hand of the man, not knowing the one she loved was evil in body and pondering acts that shortened her days of living and breathing.

Aloha to the Kanilehua rain of Hilo, you will never again see my darling.  You will never agian soak the beloved cheeks of my child.

Aloha to the home of her in-laws at Pahala, Kau, the place my daughter lived with her beloved husband Joseph Kawaha, who has already left this life.  Aloha to the place my child lived for a long time with her in-laws Mr and Mrs. J. L. K. Kawaha, of Kau, Pahala, a home that welcomed tourists arriving there, a comfortable place to stay for parents caring for children.

Aloha to the place my child stayed upland of Olaa, with her cousins Mr and Mrs. C. Warren.  And likewise Keaukaha, a place my child stayed with my cousins.  It is finished, she has vanished from our eyes...

Monday, March 14, 2011

Pa-u Rider Pictures

My great-great grandmother was known to be a pa-u rider in the parades.  I found a set of pictures of her, or which I thought was her, until I saw the date listed as June 11, 1900.  Well, if that date was right, she would be 8 months pregnant.  Would she be riding horseback pregnant?  So began my quest to find the 'correct' date of the pictures.  I ordered them from Bishop museum and the date given on the back is 1900-1910, but I've seen pictures from the set, dated besides June 11, 1900, dated before that.  The book I found it in said it was 1900, but that Princess Kaiulani was in them so it couldn't be 1900, because she died in 1899.  Previously research by cousin Connie concluded that it was probably between 1906-1909.  I also saw the guy in white in another picture dated 1907.  Then I found this book with a picture from the set, dated 1905.

From the book "Diamond Head: Hawaii's Icon"
Based on what everyone is wearing, the set of photographs looks like they were taken all on the same day and theres even a film of them riding, which I've seen that film dated 1906 and 1910, which doesn't help.  I would have to say now, in my opinion, the photos and film are between 1905-1910.

Emma Fern

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