Monday, March 14, 2011

Pa-u Rider Pictures

My great-great grandmother was known to be a pa-u rider in the parades.  I found a set of pictures of her, or which I thought was her, until I saw the date listed as June 11, 1900.  Well, if that date was right, she would be 8 months pregnant.  Would she be riding horseback pregnant?  So began my quest to find the 'correct' date of the pictures.  I ordered them from Bishop museum and the date given on the back is 1900-1910, but I've seen pictures from the set, dated besides June 11, 1900, dated before that.  The book I found it in said it was 1900, but that Princess Kaiulani was in them so it couldn't be 1900, because she died in 1899.  Previously research by cousin Connie concluded that it was probably between 1906-1909.  I also saw the guy in white in another picture dated 1907.  Then I found this book with a picture from the set, dated 1905.

From the book "Diamond Head: Hawaii's Icon"
Based on what everyone is wearing, the set of photographs looks like they were taken all on the same day and theres even a film of them riding, which I've seen that film dated 1906 and 1910, which doesn't help.  I would have to say now, in my opinion, the photos and film are between 1905-1910.

Emma Fern


  1. It's great sharing about the parades.Such your grandmother was very braver lady.
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  2. I really loved seeing the old photos from Kapi'olani Park. I used to ride my horse there and cool off the polo ponies during matches. Much later than the early 1900's, but the polo photo sure did bring back memories! Mahalo nui!

  3. My gr-gr-gr-grandmother was also a Pa'u rider. I am still looking to find more photos.


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