Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Native Hawaiian Genealogy Society

The Native Hawiian Genealogy Society group, which originally started off as a facebook group, has a new web site at  Click here for the facebook page,  2,272 members strong.


  1. I am interested to join your genealogy group. I don't Facebook.

  2. Looking for biological family.

    Searching for the parents of my mother Susan Kaiulani Vinacke (Stanton). She was born on February 7. 1949 and given up for adoption on Oahu by a 20 year old possibly named Jeanne HOUSE who may have lived in a boarding house. Jeanne House could have gone by another alias. From Hawaii my mom Susan and her adopted parents (UH Professors) moved to New York around 1965. She later returned to Hawaii In 1980 and lived in Laie and Punalu'u. I recently did the DNA test and some of the names that we are related to are Kekahuna, Lohelohe, Kua, Ilae, Haina, Kane, Wakinekona, Haupu. It is unclear whether her mother or father are of Hawaiian ancestry but since I am 20% Hawaiian I am assuming she is around 40% which would have made that parent almost full Hawaiian and the other parent haole. I would appreciate any information anyone may have to share! Mahalo in advance!


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