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Mahaulu's of Waialua

"This native Hawaiian, who, in our home, had been taught thrift and an honest way of living, was so attached to the family, that when our life duties had led us all away from home, he became the guardian of my father’s and mother’s graves.  Though not a great talker in the church, Paul Mahaulu Naahuelua, father of Judge Archid and Stephen Mahaulu, was one of Wailalua’s most enterprising and valued sons."~The Friend, May 1920, p.118. By a son of John and Ursula Emerson.

Naehuelua (k) married Huelali (w) on July 15, 1835, in Waialua, Oahu, Kingdom of Hawaii. They had a son named Mahaulu. High Chief Gideon Peleioholani Laanui was the ruling chief of Waialua and a was a grandnephew of Kamehameha I. Naehuelua was a calabash maker for the chief, but around when Mahaulu was about 14, he lost his job and Mahaulu went to Rev. John S. Emerson for work.

John S. Emerson and his wife Ursula, were the first missionaries sent to the Waialua community. They arrived in Honolulu on May 17, 1832 and "...were assigned to the Waialua Station -a new station on the northwest side of Oahu. Waialua stretched along the coast for 30 miles with a population of 8,000."
The Emersons gave him work and Mahaulu took on the Christian name of Paul. After 1850, he would sometimes be known as Paul Mahaulu Naehuelua.
Also working for the Emersons was Kalakona (w). Kalakona (also known as Kalehua Kalakona), was the daughter of Ka-la Kalakona (k) and Kuniu (w) and was taught by Mrs. Emerson household duties and "became one of the good Christian women of Waialua Church". Mahaulu and Kalakona would get married on January 11, 1860 by Rev. Emerson.
They had three sons; Archibald Scott (1863-1916), Stephen (1874-1924) and Horace Piikaeha (1887-1931). They also had at least two daughters who died as infants.
Paul Mahaulu was a farmer along with the work he did for the Emersons.  He also became the postmaster for Waialua district from 1889-1894, then his son Archibald took over from 1894-1900. Waialua was a stop on the overland mail route. In the 1890's, the post office was located at Prendergast's store but in December 1898, was moved to the Waialua railway station. He was also president and manager of Hui Land of Waimea, Waialua, a group set up by the owners of Ahupuaa of Waimea to round up stray animals which seems to have been a growing problem island-wide after the overthrow.
In the 1900 census, Paul and Kalakona Mahaulu, have three of their grandchildren living with them. Willie, Emeline and Paul.
Kalakona died on Oct. 19, 1910 and Paul on April 9, 1913.


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