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My grandmother, Marion Ano was a top amateur golfer in Hawaii during the 1960's and 70's. Her father Paul Mahaulu and sisters also played, but weren't the first golfers in the family. That would be her grandfather, Judge Archibald Scott Mahaulu. He had grown up with Prince Jonah Kuhio and they were golfing buddies.

"After all of the unpacking and settling in Pualeilani, the active and sportsminded Cupid decided to take up the game of golf. Kuhio was one of the original players on Oahu, and his usual companion was an old friend, Judge Archie Mahaula. They played quite often and enjoyed the challenging links at Manoa and Haleiwa."~The Emply Throne, pages 105-106.
Pualeilani was Kuhio’s residence in Waikiki. 
Cupid was Prince Kuhio’s nickname.

Judge Archie Mahaulu’s name is misspelled in the book. Indexed as Mahaula.

LtoR: Marion Ano , Etta Medeiros, Paul Mahaulu, Jane Mahaulu, Millie Blau.

Millie Blau, Etta Medeiros, Marion Ano.

Top L:Paul Mahaulu, R:Josepeh Victor Bottom L:Chris Ano, R:Marion Ano

Golfing at the Ala Was Golf Course

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