Sunday, February 20, 2011

Errors in books, part two.

This is from the book "Recollections" by John Dominis Holt.
He states that the heavily flowered pa'u in the middle, which is the girl to the left of the crease in the book is Princess Kaiulani.  Here is a close-up and side by side comparison with Princess Kailulani:

Looks very much like her, but there's just one small problem, Princess Kaiulani died on March 6, 1899 and the picture was taken in 1900, or was it?  It could be that the date was wrong, but then theres only a small window that this picture could have been taken.  Kaiulani left Hawaii in 1889, when she was thirteen years old and lived in England and the mainland until Novemeber 1897.  She left to the Big Island in November 1898, became ill in Jan. 1899, came back to the Oahu and passed away March 1899.  So this picture, if it is her, could only have been taken between Nov1897-Nov 1898, or when she came back to Oahu in 1899, but I highly doubt she was horseback riding after she became ill.  Another thing is that the man in white with the little pom-pom thingy on his hat, I've seen him identified in another book as Prince Kuhio.  You can see a better picture of him in this picture from the same day, I found at the State Archives (no date given):
I looked though the book "Princess Kaiulani:Hope of a Nation, Heart of a People" by Sharon Linnea and found no mention of Kaiulani being in a parade or event at Kapiolani Park and an informal search in the online papers by my cousin Connie, found no mention of an event with Princess Kaiulani and Prince Kuhio horseback riding together.  Also, Prince Kuhio was travelling abroad from 1899-1902 & that small window of time, 1897-1898 was when Hawaii was annexed.  I doubt they'd be celebrating in the park with the American flag.  I've seen the guy in white in another set of pictures and that one was identified June 11, 1900, but when I ordered the pictures from Bishop Museum, it has the date 1900-1910.  Also the first floral parade was held in 1906.  My theory is that the June 11th date comes from the fact that Kamehameha day is held on that date, and the 1900 is just an guess, cause there's nothing in the papers happening on June 11, 1900, but after 1906, there's a whole bunch of articles about the floral parades.  Yes, the Holt's did know and are related to the ali'i, and they very well could have gone horseback riding with the royals, but is this a picture of them all together?  In my opinion, it's neither Princess Kaiulani or Prince Kuhio in this picture.  


  1. John Dominis Holt made many mistakes in his books, especially in his genealogy. He has his grandfather's first wife as Agnes Jones, sister to Mary Lambert (Jones) Dominis, but Robert William Holt's first wife was another sister named Anne Marie.

  2. my maternal grandmother was a holt. her father was from Makaha. I remember when I was a boy seeing the model of the ranch in the bishop museum.


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