Friday, February 11, 2011

Family Recipes

Like many other people, my family recipes are from my mother, but she's Irish, Scottish, Swiss, no Hawaiian recipes on her side. On my dad's side theres none that I can think of that are of any originality. My mom recently told me that those cherished family recipes on her side are from the boxes of products, like nestle chocolate chips, pumpkin pie and others. So there's not one original family recipe passed down from generation to generation from both my parents! My paternal grandfather did make excellent Hawaiian food though. Laulau, lomi-lomi salmon, omg, I'm salivating at the thought. My mom says she's spoiled because that was the first Hawaiian food she had and today she can't find any to match that today. Amazing what he could do with such a simple recipe for Laulau.

My brother James, Mom & Dad at my gradparents house.

This recipe from a 1957 cookbook pretty much is how its made, except today hardly anyone uses salmon and the they use luau leaves instead of spinach.

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  1. Charles great blog! I recently reconnected with my cousins in Hawaii (2 of them live in Kaneohe) and enjoy learning more about my Hawaiian heritage. Much has been forgotten, thank you for helping me remember.

    With regards,


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