Sunday, June 5, 2011

This Is The Face of Genealogy

Fern family by cosmorama
Fern family, a photo by cosmorama on Flickr.
Emma & Joseph James Fern.
This photo is in response to the LA Weekly article that's causing a stir in the genealogy community, because of the picture that was originally posted to go with the article. Geneabloggers asked genealogy bloggers to post a photo that represents our family history.

The couple (my great-great grandparents) are what we call hapa-haole (half-white), both are half Hawaiian and the husband is half English, the wife, I have yet to find her caucasian ancestors, but she list's herself as hapa-haole in the 1890 census. Her 1st husband was Hawaiian/Portuguese and he had a Tahitian/Hawaiian 1st wife and a Hawaiian 2nd wife, this marriage being his 3rd. The children on the steps are the products of those marriages and represent the melting pot that is Hawaii.

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  1. Great photo, and thanks for participating in the avalanche of photo posts for "The Face of Genealogy". I'm truly impressed with this community of writers.