Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Courthouse at Waialua Opened with Big Luau

October 20, 1913.

Between 150 and 175 residents of Waialua and vicinity and visitors from all parts of the island attended the big luau on Saturday that celebrated the opening of the new courthouse.  Many city officials motored down for the luau; in fact, the city hall was practically deserted all day.
Mayor Fern was toastmaster at the luau and confessed this morning that he called on everybody present, he believed, for a speech.  The quantity of food furnished the guests was enormous and all the visitors report a good time.  Judge Archie S. Mahaulu, the Waialua magistrate and well-known throughout the island, was one of the principal speakers and expressed the appreciation of the Waialua district residents for their new structure.
The luau took place in the hall near the courthouse, and there was a plan on foot to kidnap Deputy City and County Attorney P. L. Weaver so that he would miss the eating and the speeches.  He was enticed into a cell in the prison division of the courthouse and the lock was snapped.  However, the captors relented and let Deputy Weaver out with the impression that he had been accidently locked in.
Ewa’s new courthouse has been finished, and as soon as the yard is cleaned up and grassed, Ewa people are going to give a luau that they say will surpass that at Waialua.

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