Wednesday, October 27, 2010

There is Beauty at Kewalo

This is my second book in my genealogy series of books.  This volume includes all the research I’ve done on my great-great grandmother, Emma Fern, who is said to be the daughter of Queen Emma.  Although I haven’t found any conclusive evidence of this, I’ve gone ahead and included Queen Emma’s genealogy and relatives in the book.  I feel showing their pictures does show a family resemblance, but not everyone in my family is pleased that I’m saying these things.  They want conclusive proof, but where do I get it from?

The story in our family is that Queen Emma had a baby and that baby was put into hiding, for fear that it would be put to death.  This is also the same story told about King Kamehameha and Queen Kaahumanu.  The trouble comes because there are few records from the time of Emma Fern’s birth.  Also, if your in hiding, all your documents would reflect your foster parents, so what help would those be to me, I already know this information.  Simply put, short of a DNA test, I really don’t know how to prove it.

The title to the book is the first line in Emma Fern’s mele inoa or name chant.  Written by her grandmother, it tells of her birth at Kewalo.

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